We must dispel with this notion that the President is “banning Muslims” based on some deep-seated, xenophobic reaction to terrorism. The President is not banning Muslims, he is suspending travel from countries where violent extremism runs rampant. Back in 2011, President Obama issued a blanket travel ban on refugees fleeing from war-torn Iraq. Comparing one to the other may not morally justify the action to you, but anyone who accepts these actions under one administration yet opposes them under another must be considered intellectually dishonest. Yes, the travel ban will affect Muslim majority nations, however it is NOT a ban on Muslims – and anyone who pushes this baseless narrative is either senselessly unprincipled or largely mistaken. Citizens from the most populous Muslim countries in the world are actually still allowed to travel to the United States with no difficulty. There are millions of muslims residing in nations to which this order does not apply. There is a real concern here for protecting Americans until the vast quantity of refugees can be properly vetted to protect our citizens here at home.